Plaster Beach Activity

I invited my boyfriend to come along with me to create the pieces Friday morning and he graciously accepted not knowing what we were actually going to do. We left pretty early and went to sunset beach. We dug the holes and I put my hand/feet in and it was quite difficult pulling out and not damaging the hole. But after a couple tries I felt we got some decent holes to then pour the plaster. We waited half an hour and when we were uncovering the pieces I could not help but feel a little disappointed. They were not pretty or realistic looking. I felt I had failed and should try again to make them look more human like. But then I realized art isn’t perfect and the goal isn’t always to look realistic. Sure the hand piece really highlighted just how small my hands were but after a bit I started to appreciate what I had done. I began to see the humor in my first hand coming out as a “Spock” hand. My foot looked like the toes had been morphed as if it belonged to a half man half frog creature. When I looked past the ugliness I came to the conclusion that all humans are not perfect, so why should this piece be? It reflected who we really are as people. And while we may not be perfect and want to change ourselves for it, our uniqueness is what makes us special and one of a kind.


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