Classmate Conversation


In class I met a very sweet girl named Alyse Pichly. The question the class was given was “who is your favorite artist”. At first we were a little stumped. As embarrassing as it is to be taking an art class and not know many artists, we couldn’t begin to think of who could be our favorite. So then we tried to interpret the question differently. I consider musicians to be artist, so we decided to choose who our favorite musician was. Alyse replied with Lil Dicky. To be honest I had no idea who that was, but I looked him up later to find out he was a rapper. So i asked her why her favorite artist was Lil Dicky and I was interested to hear it was because he didn’t sing about love. I found that response to be a little funny because I was not expecting it at all. So I asked if it was because if she ever went through some sort of bad break up and she hinted to yes. But she also liked the fact that now in the music industry most songs are about love but Lil Dicky is able to find different more unique subjects to write about.


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