Classmate Discussion Week 2: Justin Pham


I would just like to start off by saying it was a pleasure meeting Justin. He is a very nice guy and I am glad I got the chance to talk to him. The question of the week was “do we need art?”, which is an interesting question because the discussion last week on the video actually made me think about this concept. Justin and I actually shared the same views. We agreed that while it is not physically necessary, it is mentally. Art is more than just a painting or drawing, it is a way to express ourselves. As human we have a need to be more than just a moving sack of life. We are meant to do something. With art, it allows us to express all that we cannot express with words. It is actually very therapeutic. It keeps us sane. If all we did with our lives was eat, sleep, work, repeat; we’d be mindless robots. Art keeps our brain constantly flowing and expanding. With out art we’d all go crazy. So in the end we both agreed that art is need. We need something to express our true selves and discover who we are, and we can best do that through art.


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