Classmate Conversation: Raul Silva

While browsing the galleries I ran into Raul and we decided to take a seat in the gallery and do our question of the week together. The big question was: What form of art has shaped you the most?

At first he had a bit of difficulty coming up with his answer. He was not incredibly interested in paintings, or music, or what most people come to think of when they think of the word “art”. After some thought he came up with movement, which I was interested to hear. I would have never thought to think of movement as an art, after all it’s such an ordinary day thing we all do. But then he got deeper into it. He explained to me he loved to spend his time being active by bike riding, interacting and meeting people in his community and I thought that was something very beautiful. Now in this age, going out and actually meeting the people you are surrounded with has been replaced by finding their social media page online. It frightens me not to see kids running around and kicking a ball around, but rather sitting on their phones. But my faith as restored talking to Raul because when he spoke about movement and how he sees it as an art, it made me happy to know there are people who like to stay active and social.

We then started to get into what activities we both like to get involved in to stay active and move around, and we’ve decided to go rock climbing at the school’s gym next week after class. I’m looking forward to it. img_5021


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