Week 3- Artist Conversation- Alvaro A.S.F.

Exhibition Information

Artsist: Alvaro A. S. F.

Exhibition: A Response to Classical Music

Media: Paint, Mixed-Media, Music, Sculpture, Clothing, Installation

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: In Progress


About the Artist

Alvaro A. S. F. was born in Guatemala and came to the US as a kid with his family. As a child, his parents always saw the weird and creative side was deep within him. At first they didn’t support it. After all, how could this sort of behavior lead to a career that would be able to support him for the rest of his life? But as time went on Alvaro could not suppress it any longer. He loved being able to create something and look at things in a different perspective. His parents began to accept that side of him. He was the first in his family to go and attend college. This is his first year as a transfer student here at CSULB and is working towards his BFA undergrad degree. He hopes to one day become a teacher. Not to teach kids how to make art, but to inspire them. To have them reach within and get in touch with their creative side, not to suppress it.


Formal Analysis 

Alvaro is putting on Beethoven Overture Fidelio and falling into a trace. He moves his body in what ways he is inspired by the music to do so, and moves the paint around to create his piece. There is a white canvas on the left side of the gallery and a colorful work to the right, like a before and after shot. The painted piece has many mixed colors. Some bold, some in large amounts, some just splattered. In some areas the paint is mixed together to create a new color while others steal the show and display their whole pure color. There appear to be no structured shaped, all abstract. The paints used are acrylic and also around the piece are articles of worn out clothing such as pants, shoes, and a shirt. The painting is flat on the ground while sculptures of wires and the clothing bring a 3D effect to them. The entire process of making the piece was recorded and displayed through a projector on to the wall in front of it.


Content Analysis

This piece that Alvaro has created is showing how this overture has made him feel. He was over come by the music and let the notes and pitches guide him into creating his piece. He did not have a structured idea of what he wanted to create. He relied on his emotions and deep connection with this musical work in order to make his next move. While talking to Alvaro, he wishes those who view his artwork to fall into a trance. The viewer will be grabbed by the movement of the paint and feel connected by the music. As his exhibition is called “A Response to Classical Music”,  he wants to gain a response from the viewer as well.


My Experience

First walking in to the exhibition, I was grabbed by two things. The music and the video. Being a film major, those are to components that are very close to me and I am very familiar with. I too understand as Alvaro did, just how powerful music can be. I was in awe watching this video play on the wall, as it created the piece right in front of my feet. I was amazed to see just how over come Alvaro was by this music. There is something beautiful about just letting the music do the work. When listening to music, I’ve always felt that nothing else in the world mattered. In that moment, I was calm. It was great to have this connection with an artist who feels that music can be as powerful as I believe it to be.





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