Week 4- Automatic Drawing


I asked my boyfriend Connor to be my partner for this activity and he was very excited to help. He is an Animation major at California State University Fullerton so he always enjoys getting to help me with my art projects. At first when I explained the prompt to him he was confused and asked what we should draw. I told him we should have nothing in mind that we were trying to draw, to just let the pencil move and open our eyes to see what we created. At first it was a bit weird. The whole time I just felt we were drawing a whole bunch of random circles that were not going not be interesting at all to look at. Then he added some jutted movement and we just kept going. We did this project with our eyes closed so that our product would be a surprise. After a couple minutes we agreed to open our eyes. It is hard to explain why I like this piece, because it does look like a three year old made it. I just really enjoy the idea behind it. Me and someone very special to me made this together without thinking. I feel in a way it reflects our relationship. We work together to create something that can sometimes feel a little crazy but overall something beautiful. While it may not be the most appealing work of art to others, it has now become one of my favorites.


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