Week 5- Graffiti Writing

I was excited to try out this project because I’ve always wanted to play with spray paint but I never has a reason to. The first challenge was to find something to spray paint on. My mom did not want any paint on anything important in the back yard so I would also have to figure out where to paint. After searching in the garage I found an old piece of wood and figured it would be something good to use. Then I found an old sheet and figured I could hang it up on my fence to provide a protective background so no extra paint would splash on anything important. I grabbed an old tv tray and used it as a stand for my piece of wood. On my first attempt I made an ombre background which I found very beautiful. Once I sprayed my name though I did not like it. It wasn’t graffiti like. So I painted over the original and started again. That one I liked a lot more because I looked up samples of bubble letters and proceeded to attempt them in my name. I really like the second one by the way the colors interact. Over all I found this to be a very enjoyable project and I am excited to continue playing around with the spray paints and nozzles.



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