Week 6- Flip Books

This project was actually quite difficult and frustrating to me. I am a horrible drawer and it always frustrates me that my product never comes out as I want it to. This was also very time consuming and my patience was waring down. After a lot of thinking and a couple failed story lines, I decided I would do a short little story on the food chain. Now obviously my illustration is not accurate as there are no fish out there that can swallow a boat whole, but it was the rough idea of it. It was very difficult to make each picture accurate to the last. My fish was bigger in some or had a different shaped fin in others. It was very frustrating. In the end though it surprised me how short my little movie was. I spent so much time drawing each piece of paper and it takes roughly 5 seconds to flip through my whole book. A little disappointing to be honest. It got me thinking though about how animation drawers do it. I know that the methods have changed over the years due to technology, however i am curious to find out how it was when animation was first being born. I tried multiple times to get a video of my book but they just didn’t work out so here are some snap shots to give an idea.

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