Wk7- Artist Conversation-Dulce Soldad Ibarra

Exhibit Information

Artist: Dulce Soldad Ibarra

Exhibition: Manos De Oro

Media: Found objects, manipulation, installation, sculpture

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Website:  www.dulcesoledadibarra.com

Social Media (Tumblr): dulcesoledadibarra.tumblr.com


About the Artist

Dolce Soldad Ibarra is currently a senior here at California State University Long Beach and is twenty five years old. She is working on obtaining her Bachlor’s Degree in the School of Art’s Sculpture program. She is the pride of her parents as they have worked so hard to be able to provide a positive future for her. She does feel a sense of guilt as she pursue’s art as she feels she will not make as much money in this career and she does not want to waste her parent’s hard work. However, her dad remains to be her biggest fan and supporter and actually inspires many of her works.


Formal Analysis

The first element of the exhibit that caught my eye was the video projected onto the white wall in the front of the room. The video was a man cutting hedges and working in the garden. The man was Hispanic and wearing dirty clothing. I later was informed the man in the video was actually the artist’s father. Looking around the room you see other elements of the exhibit all relate to one another. There are golden tools such as a shovel and rake that are hung up on the wall. There is also a golden lawn mower in the center of the room along with bags of grass and leaves in the corner.


Content Analysis

When speaking to Dulce Soldad Ibarra, she explains how this exhibit it dedicated to her dad. As a child she goes into detail of how she was ashamed and embarrassed as her dad. She was embarrassed at the fact that her dad was just a gardener and did not make a lot of money. Now in college, she sees how much hard work he has put in so that she may have opportunities that he did not, like going to college. She feels guilty about not being proud of her dad and made this exhibit in his honor. By using the gold color on simple objects such as the shovel and lawn mower gives them a lot more power. It symbolizes the importance and power it has. While it may not be the wealthiness career choice, it provided for Dulce and gave her everything she needed. it makes us appreciate the simple things and not take anything for granted.


My Experience

I was very moved by this piece as I also had feelings of embarrassment from my parents when I was younger. When I was young, all I wanted was to fit in. All of my friends were on the more wealthier side and had huge houses with pools and games. I was always content with the way I lived until I began going to my friends houses and getting jealous that their parents were giving them everything they wanted. My dad was just a cars salesman. It really hit me in thinking I should be more thankful and appreciative of what my parents give for me.




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