Week 8- Classmate Talk- Alfredo Gonzalez

Alfredo and I met as we sat together on a bench in the Japanese Garden together to draw. The first question was what piece of art would we share with everyone if given the chance. In the end we came up with the same answer. He doesn’t have a particular painting or sculpture that he finds to be his favorite. He said that he went to Coachella last year and he thinks everyone should experience that. People come from all over to be united by music. Everyone just wants to have a good time. The second question  was would you be supportive of you child if they wanted to pursue art. And ultimately, Alfredo would. He said it is very important to have a job that you enjoy because that is what you are going to be doing for the rest of your life. While it is a little nerve racking as art is not the most solid source of income, in the end you need to do what makes you happy. And finally your last question was to open our phones to the first page and see what similar apps you have. I personally do not have to many games on my phone, I just stick to the necessities. We both prioritize our messages, emails and music to be on our home screen.



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