Week 8- Japanese Garden Sketch

I have been dreading the day that we draw in this class. Drawing and painting has been a huge struggle for me since I was a kid. It would frustrate me so much that I could not draw a realistic drawing at all while my two older sisters did with ease. They are the Einstein’s of drawing and it drives me crazy that the artistic gene in the family skipped over me. I was sketching next to my friend Alfredo and it was nice because he was also struggle a little bit in that his were not perfect. Made me go a little easier on myself. 30 seconds go by so fast and I was going through so many drawings. It was a bit refreshing as in general I am usually a bit of an impatient person. Time was flying and I was actually enjoying it. While my sketches were not realistic, you could get the general sense of what I was drawing and that made me proud. It was funny when it came to the hand drawing because I didn’t take my eyes of my hand when drawing and when I finally looked on my paper, it looked so bad! I had a good laugh. My proportions were off as some fingers were way longer than others. I sent a picture to my boyfriend who’s an animation major and he said my attempt was cute. I’ll take that as a compliment. In the end I had a fun time. I have never been to the Japanese Gardens but they are beautiful and I shall be returning soon.

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