Week 9- Art Care Package

I chose to give my package to my best friend Tal who is currently at UC Berkely. When i was thinking about what i could send to Tal, I figured I would base some on our inside jokes and memories. I through in some make up as a joke because Tal never ever wears make up and I would always have to do hers if it was a special occasion. I also had a photo from when we and our friend Jonathan went rollerblading. I also have a small sample of perfume because her mom always gave her samples which she then gave to me because she didn’t want it. I also have some concert tickets since it was one of our favorite things to do, and a pink bunny because she loves animals. It similar in a way where it is specifically meant for that person. Because if you send a snapchat to the wrong person, you’re in trouble. It is different though because a snapchat will disappear in seconds where as a package will stay forever. I think with what ever you put in your care package you will always find some sort of meaning in it, one way or another. When something is seen by few, it has more meaning. It is more special as people cherish the personal meaning. The effort means so much because it shows you care for the person and would take that extra step for them. An ACP definitely has love put into it as every aspect and detail you put into it was for a reason that you thought the other person would enjoy.



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