Week 9- Artist Conversation- Dalia Banuelos & Daniel Bonilla-Vera

Artist: Dalia Banuelos & Daniel Bonilla-Vera

Exhibition: Infraction

Media: Photography, installation

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: dbvphotography.com

Instagrams: @daliaeffect  @dbvqp


This exhibit was done by both Dalia Banuelos & Daniel Bonilla-Vera, however Daniel was the only one present at the gallery at the time. Daniel is originally from the Central Valley and is currently in his senior year at CSULB. He is an Undergraduate Studio Art Major and has dreams of pursuing his art in photography. Dalia and Daniel were both rejected from the BFA program and Dalia came up with the idea of the gallery and reached out to other students who might be interested in joining her. Daniel was the only one who accepted.

When entering the room, it is completely lined with strings crossing the room and hanging pictures off of them. There are two human like figures in the middle of the strings slumped over. Each and every photo used in the gallery was taken by Dalia and Daniel which they then put in their profile which was rejected by the BFA program. There are pictures hung up on the wall which are lined with the strings to form a frame. Daniel explained this was used to mock the BFA program as there is a very specific needed frame for every picture.

This exhibit is a beautiful interpretation of rejection which turns to rebellion. As we can sense by the slumped over hooded human figures, Dalia and Daniel were very disappointed by their rejections. But as we see on the walls, they rebel the BFA specific standards as they mock the framing regulations. It is soothing to find peace within this exhibit as you get the sense all of the anger and frustration was let out through the gallery.

I am very scared of rejection and it remains to be one of my biggest fears. I have worked very hard in my life and most of the time I receive what I work for. However int he beginning of the school year I was not accepted in to the school’s honor program and I was very angry as I knew I deserved to be in it, however someone else took it away from me. I think it is very important to have a way to release the anger and frustration that comes from rejection in order for us to move on to other opportunities.

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