Week 10- Artist Talk- Alicia Keyworth

Artist: Alicia Keyworth

Exhibition: Oddments

Media: Clothing, fiber, recycled goods

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis  W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: aliciakeyworth.com


Alicia Keyworth is currently enrolled at CSULB working towards her BFA in fiber while also being in the process of earning her teaching credentials so she may become a teacher. She has lived in Southern California her entire life and looks forward to experience teaching as she begins to graduate the university at the same time. She hopes to one day work along side fashion companies.

Keyworth’s exhibit consists of various articles of clothing hung up and chairs scattered on the ground. All pieces are made from recycled material collected from the weaving department. Each piece of clothing has its own unique style as they are many different patterns sewn together to make an original pattern. Overall the whole process of collecting and creating had taken about a year.

Alicia Keyworth’s inspiration for this exhibit was the idea of is everything being utilized when creating something new? She noticed in the weaving department just how much fabric is wasted and thrown away. We live in a world were industry dominates and everything is made in mass production. Keyworth uses this exhibit as a protest of the mass clothing production that wastes so much. She wants to display her concern of conservation and how we humans cause so much unnecessary waste and destruction.

At first entering the exhibit I thought it to be an inspiration of fashion and all of the different styles. I found it very interesting to find out and realize it is actually the opposite. I never give much thought to how much is wasted when making a shirt or a pair of pants. it makes me feel uneasy about where I am getting my clothing from as I now know how much they waste.




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