Week 10-Fiber Art Social Network

I chose to divide my people into 3 basic groups: family, friends, and coworkers. This about sums up the people I interact with the most. I used pink to connect friends, red for family and blue for coworkers. I didn’t connect them all to me as that was a lot of work and if I was to write their name down it obviously means I am connected to them, I mainly focused on showing how the people I know interact with the other people I know.

  1. When i think of the term “social network” i think mainly of the online world. When i interact with people I don’t really pay attention to what world our’s connect in. And by that i mean whether we are in the same work world or family, stuff like that. To me people are people and I do not generally place them in certain boundaries.
  2. I actually agree with it. It is impossible to have 200 best friends. To be close to someone and develop a strong relationship, you must spend a lot of time together building memories and learning about each other. It is just impossible to do that with so many people and get on an actual deep level.
  3. Having facebook friends basically means you know the person or you know someone you knows that person. Actually you don’t even have to know them, you can friend a stranger. In the end it comes down to being connected with people you’re interested in seeing/ hearing their thoughts.
  4. When doing the in class project I was surprised to see how many strings there were and how disorganized is was as strings were stretching across all over the place to try and reach certain people. It is interesting to see the people I connected my strings with and see how many strings with different people they had.
  5. In my life I would say i have about 5 true relationships were I have really spent the time to get to know someone. I feel having a small number of close friends is better than having a bunch of distant friends because the close friends are going to be the ones that are always there for you.
  6. I am friends with all of my close friends on my social medias as well as I enjoy seeing what they are up to. I also like to get updates on my “extra” friends as I am okay with not talking to them all the time.




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