Week 11- Classmate Conversation- Emily Tomasello

This week I had the pleasure of talking to Emily Tomasello. Emily is a second year student here at CSULB and is working on her degree in fashion and merchandising. When discussing the event surrounding Demi Lavato’s fan art, we shared the same opinion. Fan art is made for fun from the fan of the person they are basing it off of. While when seeing the work Lavato may have been upset that it is not an accurate depiction of herself, it is not really her place to say so. The artist made that piece for their own and to express their creativity and talent. It was almost rude for her to publicly condemn the drawing and I am sure the artist was not expecting such a negative¬†reaction. Fan art is all about using your creativity towards someone you admire. You make it your own and therefore should not have any guidelines. You can make it as realistic or unrealistic as you may. Fan art is not there to purely praise the person the drawing is based on.img_5346


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