Week 14- Activity- Instagram

Usually when i upload on my regular instagram, it’s photos of my friends and family, basically people. I don’t usually go very artsy with my posts. But for this project I wanted to show my life so i would stop and take pictures of the items i interacted with during the day. Photos such as my car steering wheel as I do a lot of driving during my day, a cake as my mom loves to bake so there are always sweets in my house, and the gym as I try to go as much as I can. Looking at our collective page, I saw how everyone’s lives are so different. I saw some pictures of a funeral and that one surprised me. When you think of everyday life you don’t really imagine a funeral. But then that makes you realize just how surprising life can be and throw you in a situation outside of your normal day. I also saw many pictures of food which is understandable as everyone has to eat. There were also so landscapes and animals. This as an interesting project as there are so many people in my class and it is interesting to see how someone’s daily life differs from my own.


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