Week 15- Activity- Finger Painting

I actually ended up doing this project with my boyfriend Connor as when I started to lay out the paints he wanted to join ( you can tell by the obvious size difference in some of the hands). I had a lot of fun doing this piece. Personally as a kid my mom did not want me to ever use finger paints because she thought I would make too much of a mess. So this was like I was getting to me a child again. I had the colors red, blue, and black and i feel they really went well together. We played around with making different patterns and textures and I really enjoy how they turned out.


Over all I am sad that this class is coming to an end, I’ve had so much fun. As for being a hybrid class I feel this was a good choice for this class. With the different projects we do it was nice to be able to do them on our own time and then show them to everyone. It’s also exciting to see who’s work Glenn chooses to post to the page of next week’s post.My favorite activity had to be the staging your own death. I’ve never had so much fun being creative but over all I loved how each week was entirely different. I looked forward to receiving the email that showed me what we were up to this week. Glenn, I would like to take this moment to say what a pleasure it has been being able to be in your class. I will definitely keep in touch and send videos your way when I finally get around to doing them (for sure over break!). Thank you for an amazing first semester of college.

-Lizzy 🙂


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