Week 15- Artist Conversation- Katarina Stiller

Exhibit Information

Artist: Katarina Stiller

Gallery: Gatov East and West

Exhibit: Katarina Stiller

Media: Ceramics

Website: none


Katarina was born in Los Alamitos and has lived there her entire life. She will be finishing up getting her BFA in ceramics in the spring. When first coming to CSULB she had enrolled to study marine biology but realized how much she hated it. Having loved being in the ceramics class in high school, she decided to follow her true passion and has been loving it ever since.


All of Katarina’s pieces are unique. We see a couple of styles such as her skull inspired pieces, succulent vases, and animal cups. I actually ended up buying a cup of her’s with a little skeleton creature scratched into the paint. Her pieces vary from involving multiple bright colors, to the gray scale of only black and white.


Many of Katarina’s pieces were extensions of previous projects she was instructed to do. For the art show the artists are told to make multiple alike pieces, in her case she made many skull like pieces. She said she enjoyed making them as they were perfect for spontaneous Shakespeare renditions. Another of my favorites where her series of animal xray cups. When asking about having a vision or inspiration of her pieces she replied that in ceramics you tend to not have an image in your mind. You have to accept the reality that ceramics tend to have a way of never going perfectly and you just have to roll with it. The end result will always be something unique and satisfying.

Being my sister, I was very proud. For the past couple weeks leading up to the art show, Katarina would come home at the middle of the night as she spent all of her time working on her pieces. Her pieces are all amazing. My favorites involve her skull pieces and the animal Xray cups. We both have an interest in the dark side an I loved how in her animal cups she was able to make them cute as well.

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