Week 15- Artist Conversation- Katarina Stiller

Exhibit Information

Artist: Katarina Stiller

Gallery: Gatov East and West

Exhibit: Katarina Stiller

Media: Ceramics

Website: none


Katarina was born in Los Alamitos and has lived there her entire life. She will be finishing up getting her BFA in ceramics in the spring. When first coming to CSULB she had enrolled to study marine biology but realized how much she hated it. Having loved being in the ceramics class in high school, she decided to follow her true passion and has been loving it ever since.


All of Katarina’s pieces are unique. We see a couple of styles such as her skull inspired pieces, succulent vases, and animal cups. I actually ended up buying a cup of her’s with a little skeleton creature scratched into the paint. Her pieces vary from involving multiple bright colors, to the gray scale of only black and white.


Many of Katarina’s pieces were extensions of previous projects she was instructed to do. For the art show the artists are told to make multiple alike pieces, in her case she made many skull like pieces. She said she enjoyed making them as they were perfect for spontaneous Shakespeare renditions. Another of my favorites where her series of animal xray cups. When asking about having a vision or inspiration of her pieces she replied that in ceramics you tend to not have an image in your mind. You have to accept the reality that ceramics tend to have a way of never going perfectly and you just have to roll with it. The end result will always be something unique and satisfying.

Being my sister, I was very proud. For the past couple weeks leading up to the art show, Katarina would come home at the middle of the night as she spent all of her time working on her pieces. Her pieces are all amazing. My favorites involve her skull pieces and the animal Xray cups. We both have an interest in the dark side an I loved how in her animal cups she was able to make them cute as well.

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Week 15- Activity- Finger Painting

I actually ended up doing this project with my boyfriend Connor as when I started to lay out the paints he wanted to join ( you can tell by the obvious size difference in some of the hands). I had a lot of fun doing this piece. Personally as a kid my mom did not want me to ever use finger paints because she thought I would make too much of a mess. So this was like I was getting to me a child again. I had the colors red, blue, and black and i feel they really went well together. We played around with making different patterns and textures and I really enjoy how they turned out.


Over all I am sad that this class is coming to an end, I’ve had so much fun. As for being a hybrid class I feel this was a good choice for this class. With the different projects we do it was nice to be able to do them on our own time and then show them to everyone. It’s also exciting to see who’s work Glenn chooses to post to the page of next week’s post.My favorite activity had to be the staging your own death. I’ve never had so much fun being creative but over all I loved how each week was entirely different. I looked forward to receiving the email that showed me what we were up to this week. Glenn, I would like to take this moment to say what a pleasure it has been being able to be in your class. I will definitely keep in touch and send videos your way when I finally get around to doing them (for sure over break!). Thank you for an amazing first semester of college.

-Lizzy ūüôā

Week 14- Activity- Instagram

Usually when i upload on my regular instagram, it’s photos of my friends and family, basically people. I don’t usually go very artsy with my posts. But for this project I wanted to show my life so i would stop and take pictures of the items i interacted with during the day. Photos such as my car steering wheel as I do a lot of driving during my day, a cake as my mom loves to bake so there are always sweets in my house, and the gym as I try to go as much as I can. Looking at our collective page, I saw how everyone’s lives are so different. I saw some pictures of a funeral and that one surprised me. When you think of everyday life you don’t really imagine a funeral. But then that makes you realize just how surprising life can be and throw you in a situation outside of your normal day. I also saw many pictures of food which is understandable as everyone has to eat. There were also so landscapes and animals. This as an interesting project as there are so many people in my class and it is interesting to see how someone’s daily life differs from my own.

Week 14- Classmate Conversation- Gabriel Gonzalez

This week i had the pleasure of getting to know Gabriel Gonzalez. Gabriel is a very cool guy. He is from Riverside and currently lives in apartment with his friends in Long Beach. He is a second year student currently studying mechanical engineering. He loves cars and gets to work with them, he also enjoys going to the shooting range. We both had similar views on the question of the week. We have seen a pattern in the years that every year more and more technology has been added to courses. He believes classrooms will turn into computer labs where every student sits at a computer. we still think people will still be going to a physical university however maybe in 100 years, it will all be online. One thing for sure we know is that the price for college will increase even more.


Week 13- Vlogs

Welcome to my Website!

My Website!

Hi Guys! My name is Lizzy Stiller and this is my first year here at CSULB and I am loving it. I have two older sisters who have attended Long beach, both going through the art department. I want to pursue film in some way but I am not really sure what that may be.


A little bit about my background; I was born on January 28, 1998 and have lived in Southern California my whole life. My dad has always had a video camera in his hand my entire life and he inspired me to get into filmography. I have a wonderful boyfriend of 3 years who goes to Cal State Fullerton and we love to collaborate on projects together. I am a huge animal lover and love to pet all things small and furry.


How to contact me

I am always checking my email for feel free to email me at lizzystiller98@gmail.com

I also have and intagram and twitter @lizzystiller

Week 12- Artist Conversation- Sage Garver


Artist: Sage Garver

Exhibit: BIO

Media: Sculpture

Gallery: CSULB School of Art Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: NONE


Sage is currently in her senior year at Cal State University Long Beach and is in the school’s sculpting program. She lives in Hermosa beach and commutes to and from campus. In an addition to sculpting, she also has a casual interest in bio as she enjoys looking at microscopic images.


The room is entirely white besides the dangling gold chains and sculpture located in the middle of the room.There is also a single fork that hangs off the chains. On the walls are sculptured shapes and figures that resemble those of microscopic images. The vary in shapes as some are perfect circles, some are more abstract. It almost gives you a feel you are under the ocean and all of the microorganisms are floating around you. They also vary in how much they extend out of the wall.


When I first entered the room i believed it to connect to the sea as the shapes were very fluid like. The fork hanging in the middle gave me an illusion to the movie, The Little Mermaid. However the shapes on the wall have a connection to illnesses in the body. The whiteness of the room represents the pureness of the body and health. This exhibit represents the inner struggle and frustration with everyday activities.


I enjoyed this piece due to its simplicity. The shapes were very intriguing to look at and it is interesting to find out there is a deeper meaning behind it. When looking from a distance everything looks just white but as you get closer you see there’s more meaning to it. The beauty of the center piece is what really caught my eye. There is something beautiful about it standing out with color and texture through all the white.


Week 11- Artist Conversation- Kyle Kruse

Artist: Kyle Kruse
Exhibition: Janus Maxim
Media: Film, Sculpture, Wood
Gallery: CSULB School of Art,  Marylyn Werby Gallery
Website: kylekruseart.com
Instagram: @kyle.kruse


Kyle is an undergrad here at CSULB and is finishing his BFA in the printmaking program. When first attending college he was enrolled in the physics program. However he came to realize it did not suit him and he then changed his major to printmaking as he realized he wanted a job that he was going to actually enjoy for the rest of his life.  He has lived in many different cities his whole life but is currently staying in Long Beach. He also has a strong interest in greek  mythology.


When first walking into the room, it is entirely dark except for the lights showcasing the masks and the light coming from the television screens. There are three masks with different intricate details on three separate pedestals. On the opposite side of the room there are three different videos being played on three separate screens. All across the floor there is dirt spread out.


There is a dark and ominous vibe set from the lighting and the music coming from the videos. Each of the heads represents pieces of greek mythology, Prometheus, Janus, and Sisyphus. The pieces represents the characters in their stories and what they have done. The space surrounding the pieces represents the void in which we all stand in. In the void we exist in time, life, or the absence of either.


I always find greek mythology so interesting as stories from so long ago have managed to survive and still have an impacting message. I also tend to love pieces more on the darker side as they are always more interesting to decode. I truly enjoyed this piece.